Non ferrous recycling

For high metal recovery profits

Separating ferrous and nonferrous materials from waste incineration provides not only a benefit to the environment but also serves a financial gain. Both slag and ash are the non-combustible residues from the incineration of various waste streams in the energy industry. This slag, or bottom ash, is processed in a designated IBA processing plant dividing the valuable materials into:

  • 90% slag residues for valuable aggregates in, e.g., construction
  • 7% ferrous materials for reuse in various industries
  • 3% non ferrous materials


The non ferrous metal mix that is separated from the bottom ash in the IBA processing plant contains valuable materials that can be further recycled in our stationery plant. The sophisticated separation system Recco has designed, divides the non ferrous materials stream into:

  • 15% heavy metals
  • 43% aluminium
  • 42% residue

Example valuable heavy metals include zinc, brass, bronze, copper, lead, silver and gold. The residual materials such as stones, glass, plastics, paper, and wood are processed into reusable construction materials, for instance, concrete products, asphalt, and earthworks.


We offer various services in non ferrous recycling to help you achieve the highest possible metal recovery profits. From building and exploiting an IBA processing plant on your site to non ferrous metal separation in our plant in Emmeloord. Also, our flexible arrangements allow a variety of cooperation. Please feel free to browse the information about procurement and procedures on our website or contact us directly with any question you might have.

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