The Recco location in Emmeloord is being expanded considerably. The renovation started with a noise reduction project. Despite the current situation, the factory remains fully operational, which means that the filters are also fully deployed. The automatic cleaning of these filters causes noise nuisance in the vicinity of the factory, caused by the reverberation of the noise between the buildings. A fully insulated building will now be built to cover the factory, in order to reduce the noise for the surrounding area to a minimum.

Starting May 25th Recco will build another section on the side of the building. With this, Recco adds an additional separate area to further optimize the factory. On top of this, an insulated workshop will be built in order to be able to further improve maintenance jobs and also to create a healthy working environment for our team.

Recco is your partner and one-stop-source for non ferrous separation from bottom ash. We gladly offer services from plant engineering for IBA processing plants to separation of non ferrous mixed streams.

Recco is a subsidiary of Heilig Group. This extension offers our customers financial stability and broad access to the group-wide knowledge in industrial technology leading to further innovations. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.